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There is no second chance to make a good first impression on your potential clients. The inauguration of your project represents an exceptional opportunity to convey the message you wish to associate with your brand. Gastronomy is an element that lingers in people’s memory; therefore, it is crucial not to leave anything to chance and ensure you have a local company to take care of catering in Mallorca as your ally.

Why should you consider hiring a catering company for your store’s inauguration?

Meticulous attention to detail makes a difference at any event. While the goals of an inauguration may vary, they all share a common objective: to create an experience that leaves a positive and lasting impression in relation to your brand.
The inauguration of a business always generates expectations due to the novelty it presents. The choice of the menu cannot be underestimated. Trusting an experienced catering provider with experience in inaugurations and events will allow you to precisely define the ideal format for your celebration.

Knowing the date and time of the event is essential for adapting the catering service and highlighting key presentation and product launch moments, which will enhance your business. Standing cocktails with high tables or toasts are often the preferred options, but it is essential to know the number and profile of the guests in advance, as this will determine the type of food and its presentation. If you have a closed guest list, you can anticipate any special needs or make adjustments as necessary.

Catering Service for Store Opening

Hiring catering in Mallorca for the inauguration of a store is an option you should seriously consider. After all the effort invested, you are surely imagining the moment when you will raise your glasses and toast to this exciting project that is about to see the light.
It is essential to consider all possible allergies and intolerances, as well as the presence of vegans. Therefore, it is advisable to offer food and beverages that will satisfy all attendees. Creating a section dedicated to vegans or offering gluten-free options can have a significant impact on the positive perception of the company.

If you are planning to inaugurate your store or business and desire catering service that matches the significance of your event, share your ideas with us, and we will design the perfect proposal for your company.”

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