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Organizing an event during winter offers numerous advantages, whether it’s a special occasion like a wedding, anniversary, or corporate event. The ideal choice is to select a catering service known for offering seasonal foods. An exquisite menu in the hands of a catering in Mallorca, combined with the characteristic location and atmosphere of these winter months, will ensure the absolute success of your event.

Gastronomic Offer

The culinary offering of this season provides the opportunity to present a wide range of dishes, from oven-baked meats and fish to comforting soups and fresh vegetable sides. Winter provides superior gastronomic diversity compared to summer, allowing you to offer unique preparations that will stand out at your event. The standout appetizers of this season include hot soups and creams, which can be presented in various ways, adding variety to the menu. These options are usually pleasing to all palates and blend perfectly with the winter ambiance.

It’s essential to design a menu that highlights seasonal products. During winter, the options are more abundant than in summer, and the preparations offer intense and varied flavors. In our catering in Mallorca, we provide a wide range of options and recipes, ranging from traditional proposals to more minimalist and modern alternatives. The final choice rests with the client.

As for dessert, winter offers the opportunity to create sweet tables that emphasize the prominence of chocolate. This season is ideal for offering comforting cups of tea or hot chocolate, as well as other warm desserts like fondue, brownie, coulant, pumpkin fritters, apple pie, pancakes, and caramelized fruit. The possibilities are varied and allow for surprising the guests.


Regarding decoration, you can opt for warm touches and colors that give the place a cozy atmosphere. Dishes that blend modernity and tradition, evoking the wintery spirit, with hints of fireplaces or chimneys.


The rainiest season lasts for 8.3 months, from September 6th to May 14th, with only about a 14% chance that any given day will be a rainy day. November is the month with the most rainy days in Mallorca, averaging 6.9 days.

Organizing an event in winter is often more cost-effective than other times of the year, as it’s the low season. At Tast Out, we strive to ensure success. We take care of the menu and offer personalized proposals that align with the type of event you want to organize. Share your ideas with us, and we will design a customized catering for you!

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