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It is true that this blog has already delved into different aspects of wedding planning, whether it be regarding table decoration and structuring or the banquet for the celebration.

In this post, we want to go even further and shed light on a trend that is gaining more and more strength in all wedding celebrations, and that is none other than pre-wedding dinners before the event.

The origins…

The origin of pre-wedding dinners is royalty. Royal houses around the world would honor their guests who came from different parts of the Earth with a gala dinner where nobles could spend a more relaxed time and enjoy exquisite delicacies.

The first to copy this were the North Americans, however, it is becoming more common in Europe. Below, we will give you ideas on how to celebrate a pre-wedding dinner with catering in Mallorca.

Tips for pre-wedding dinner in Mallorca

1 More than just a simple dinner…

A great idea for this dinner is to turn it into a themed dinner. As it takes place the night before the wedding, it can be very appropriate for it to be nothing like the big day, as otherwise the guests would arrive already ‘saturated’ the next morning. The theme can be chosen by the couple and wedding organizers with catering in Mallorca. In short, think of a simple and original theme that does not require too much effort or time to prepare.


Whenever weather conditions permit, and in Mallorca they always do… The ideal place to celebrate dinner would be outdoors, at the beach, in the mountains, and at Tast-out we give a special mention to the beautiful fincas we work with, undoubtedly the perfect place to hold a wonderful dinner with your closest loved ones before the most important day of your lives.


As it couldn’t be otherwise, let’s talk about the dinner itself, about what most people truly enjoy at that moment: the food. The best option for dinner would be to hire the best catering in Mallorca. This will make things much easier for us, and Tast-out is the best example.

Tast-out Events & Catering has very good options, which undoubtedly have made a difference this season in terms of the event menu, and these are:

Paella Menu

It consists of a ‘paella ciega’ with cuttlefish, prawns, chicken, and vegetables, with the possibility of replacing it with a vegetarian paella if the customer wishes. This menu also includes an appetizer table where we can taste everything from Mallorcan olives and vegetable ‘coca’ to aged Mahonés cheese or Russian salad. And of course, dessert.

Grill Menu

Being undoubtedly one of the favorite menus this season, the Robata-style BBQ menu includes skewers of all kinds and for all tastes: octopus, asparagus, picanha… To continue, we have a salad buffet: Caesar, potato, green bean and egg… And to finish, a delicious pastry dessert.

Tast-out offers more alternatives:

Mallorcan Menu

This menu consists of different food stations formed by tables with local and high-quality products.

Tapas Menu

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Don’t hesitate to join this beautiful trend and start your wedding day the night before.

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