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Planning a wedding is a complicated task, especially if we don’t have the help of professionals in the industry. Choosing the right venue, the right catering in Mallorca, the decoration, and coordinating all the elements that make up a wedding to ensure everything goes smoothly is not an easy task. But if it is an outdoor wedding, the challenge becomes even greater. Preparing an outdoor wedding requires extra effort, but the results are well worth it.

Those who have experienced an outdoor wedding in Mallorca know that this day will be a true celebration for the bride and groom and guests. An unforgettable memory in direct contact with light, open sky and nature makes us have a much better time than if we were in a closed place.

The keys to organizing the catering for an outdoor wedding in Mallorca

The key to success lies in the choice of the venue, the best catering company in Mallorca, and the appropriate animation.

The Venue

As professionals in catering in Mallorca, we have access to the perfect Mallorcan venues for hosting outdoor weddings. With so many places to choose from, one would think that selecting the right location would be easy, but it never is. There are many factors to consider when choosing where to celebrate the wedding and we can help you choose the right location that meets the requirements of the wedding.

The catering company in Mallorca

Undoubtedly, one of the key aspects for a successful outdoor wedding is having the right catering company, which allows us to have a wide and varied menu. With so much available space, different themed areas can be established with a wide range of culinary options. For example, a wide range of snacks can be prepared and served at different tables throughout the available space. Catering can also be served at our food stations, in addition to having tray service if needed.

Another attractive corners, such as buffets, can offer guests skewers, different cheeses, sushi, salads or any other type of option you can imagine, which will give that special touch to the event. And we can’t forget the important aspect of the drink, so we will look for a corner in our outdoor space to set up our bar.

And we must not forget, also, about the dinner, because so much fun for so many hours requires calories.


If you are thinking about organizing an outdoor wedding in Mallorca, you surely have a first goal in mind: that it be an unforgettable day for everyone. And that means that the guests have fun like never before. To do this, it is important to have an animation service that takes advantage of the space that we have when organizing this type of weddings.

    1. Live music.
    2. The best party with a DJ who animates the night.
    3. Complements such as the photobooth for capturing photos or children’s animation.

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