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It is true that the process of preparing a wedding takes a lot of time and effort, sometimes resulting in stress for the couple due to the importance and significance of this big day for them. That’s why in this blog post, our catering in Mallorca will provide you with some tips for the wedding catering menu tasting to help make the process a little more enjoyable.

Choosing a good menu for the wedding can sometimes be very challenging, as the couple wants to pleasantly surprise their guests and leave them with a good taste in their mouth – and that’s no pun intended! All of this makes the menu selection one of the most important parts of organizing a wedding.


You should have had a meeting with a good catering company in Mallorca to discuss the most important topics, such as the type of wedding, the foods you would like or not like to have on the menu, and of course, informing them of any allergies or specific guest preferences.

You should take into account seasonal products, as Tast-out Events & Catering only works with these to ensure maximum quality of the food. You should also have been informed about prices and availability.

Once this process is completed, the hired catering service will provide you with several menu proposals and you will set a date for the tasting.


On the day of the tasting, it would be helpful to have a close friend or family member accompany you to make suggestions and help you decide.

We recommend that you go to the tasting with an empty stomach and try small bites of each dish that is presented to you. The tasting should be done at the same time of day as the wedding reception.

Let the catering service know what you think of the dishes you are trying, so that you can remember all the details that surprise or displease you.

Take photos and notes that will later help you make a decision.

Remember not to only consider the taste, but also the presentation of the dishes, the quality of the food, the tableware and cutlery, and the service provided by the staff.


After completing the tasting, it’s time to gather all the information and make a decision. It’s important to finalize the deal and not be charged a higher price later.

If you need help choosing a wedding catering in Mallorca, you can count on Tast-out. We have a specialized team that will advise and guide you in everything you need.

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