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If you’re looking for the perfect setting to celebrate your wedding, wedding venues with catering in Mallorca are an exceptional choice. These venues offer a charming environment that combines the island’s rich history with unique landscapes that will captivate your guests. In this article, we will present you with some of the best wedding venues with catering in Mallorca that you shouldn’t overlook.

Finca Son Mesquida Nou: History and Privacy in a Rustic Setting with Catering Service in Mallorca

Located in Algaida, in the heart of Mallorca and just 20 km from Palma, the rustic estate of Son Mesquida Nou offers you a perfect setting for any type of event with catering service. With over 50,000 m2 of land, surrounded by cereal fields that provide privacy and exclusivity, this agricultural estate offers an intimate atmosphere to celebrate your gatherings, celebrations, and corporate events with catering service in Mallorca.
The main house, surrounded by gardens, provides you with a tranquil and cozy environment that adapts to your needs. The combination of history and the unique landscapes of Son Mesquida Nou, along with the catering service in Mallorca, will surely impress your guests and create unforgettable memories.

Finca Biniorella: Mediterranean Essence and Spectacular Gardens with Catering Service for Weddings in Mallorca

If you’re seeking a venue that reflects the Mediterranean essence in every corner and offers catering service for weddings in Mallorca, Finca Biniorella is an exceptional choice. Located in Camp de Mar, just 25 minutes from Palma, this beautiful Mallorcan estate features blue doors and windows, white interiors, and lush gardens, all bathed in abundant natural light.
Surrounded by spectacular gardens and with the majestic Serra de Tramuntana as a backdrop, Biniorella offers a truly charming setting for your wedding or special event with catering service in Mallorca. Every corner of this estate conveys the tranquility and beauty of the Mediterranean, creating a magical atmosphere that will astonish your guests.

Finca Son Bonet: Mallorcan Charm in a Historic Ensemble with Catering Service in Mallorca

With a history dating back to 1854, Finca Son Bonet is a Mallorcan “Possessió” located in Selva, at the foot of Puig de Sant Llorenç. This historic ensemble, organized around a “clastra,” offers various well-maintained areas tailored for events with catering service in Mallorca.
Finca Son Bonet provides you with an authentically Mallorcan ambiance, where traditional charm combines with modern comforts. Its beautiful areas will allow you to create magical moments during your celebration, as your guests enjoy the beauty and history of this unique estate with catering service in Mallorca.

Finca Son Togores: Grandeur in the Sierra de Tramuntana with Catering Service for Weddings in Mallorca

Located in the municipality of Esporles, just 15 minutes from Palma, the majestic Finca Son Togores has been astounding visitors for years with its beauty and elegance. Its spacious lounges, large garden terraces, and the presence of mountains, almond trees, and holm oaks create a stunning backdrop for your party with catering service in Mallorca.
This Mallorcan estate is nestled within the Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With vast expanses of almond and carob trees surrounding the house, Son Togores offers you a unique and exceptional place to celebrate your wedding with catering service in Mallorca. The breathtaking natural landscapes and serene atmosphere will transport you to a dreamlike world, turning your event into an unforgettable experience.

In summary, Mallorca is home to some of the best wedding venues with catering service in an environment that combines history, stunning landscapes, and Mallorcan charm. Whether you choose Finca Son Mesquida Nou, Biniorella, Son Bonet, or Son Togores, they will all provide you with an unforgettable setting to celebrate your wedding with catering in Mallorca. Make your special day a unique experience at one of these spectacular estates with catering service in Mallorca.ecial una experiencia única en una de estas fincas espectaculares con catering en Mallorca.

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