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Robata, the Japanese culinary technique that is making waves. Enjoy this experience with our catering service in Mallorca.


For those who are lovers of Japanese cuisine, they have surely heard of robata in the kitchens of Japanese restaurants at some point, but very few know what it is. It is an ancient technique used to prepare all kinds of meats and fish. Nowadays, this method has been refined, and there are grills with movable grates to find the ideal distance between the ingredients and the embers, thus achieving a perfect cooking. In recent years, it has arrived in Spain, and Tast-out has introduced it into its catering services to delight its diners.

One of our star stations, beloved by all, and chosen as the reinforcement by most hosts for their events. This original idea is necessary for events in a reinforced cocktail format since there is a need for at least one dish to act as the main course. With the premise that they can be enjoyed simply with a fork. Octopus with Pancetta, Asparagus and Portobello, Iberian Secret... The options are endless.


El robatiyaki (o robata) se traduce literalmente como 'cocinar en la chimenea' y es un método japonés de origen campestre parecido a la barbacoa que se lleva utilizando desde hace más de 2000 años donde cocinan los alimentos (principalmente carnes, pescados y vegetales) sobre unas brasas de carbón caliente.

Robatiyaki (or robata) translates literally as 'cooking on the fireplace' and is a Japanese method of rural origin, similar to barbecue, that has been used for more than 2000 years. It involves cooking food (mainly meats, fish, and vegetables) over hot charcoal embers.

This technique quickly spread to the mainland, and it was the government that popularized this technique, making its area more touristy. The first restaurant to use this cooking method opened in Sendai. More and more restaurants are incorporating it into their kitchens, and Tast-out also wanted its diners to enjoy this ancient technique at their catered events.

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The characteristics of this grill have nothing to do with the ones we usually see in Spain. Therefore, to carry out the Japanese robata technique, one must have a lot of experience in cooking.

The chef in charge of carrying out the technique must be able to control the cooking of the food on the grill. Here, not only the type of product like meats, seafood, fish, and vegetables come into play, but also the type of cut given to each of them.

The ideal way to achieve the best result when cooking on the robata is to give the product only one turn on the grill. The goal of this type of cooking is to keep the interior juicy while achieving a golden and slightly caramelized outer layer.

The spectacle of watching high-quality products succumb to the command of the embers, whether in the form of skewers or small portions, is fundamental in robata cuisine. In full view of the customers, with the aroma of the finest charcoal (from binchotan made of eucalyptus or lychee, oak, coconut... each chef according to their particular vision of cuisine), observing the vibrant red of the embers, the smoke emanating the aromas of the finest products, and the artistry of the chef, make the robata style a spectacle for the senses. Come and enjoy this unique experience with Tast Out's robata showcooking!

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