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The autumn season undoubtedly has something special, which is why many couples decide to celebrate their wedding during this time of year. This season offers countless opportunities and advantages for your wedding celebration.


At Tast-out, your catering company in Mallorca, we want to show you some of the advantages of celebrating your big day during this magical season of the year.


Usually, weddings are celebrated during the months of the year with the best weather, but it’s important to remember that in Mallorca, these months can be very hot. However, autumn can be an ideal season for this special day. We can avoid the heat of the summer months, without feeling cold. It’s a transitional season between summer and winter that provides us with ideal conditions for the celebration of these event


As spring and summer are the peak wedding season, celebrating yours in the fall could significantly reduce the cost of organizing it. Without a doubt, this is a great advantage as you can pay more attention to the details, which ultimately make the difference.


At our catering in Mallorca, we encourage you to take advantage of this season to decorate your wedding with autumnal motifs. You have a lot of very original possibilities, such as brown-toned leaves, dried wildflowers, purple lavender, dark pink… It’s also a good idea to place soft, white lights to illuminate your celebration during the dark but magical autumn evenings.


Autumn allows guests or the bride and groom to have many possibilities when choosing attire, as it is a time in Mallorca where it is neither too hot nor too cold. Half-sleeved dresses or jackets and pants are very good options.


At Tast-Out, our wedding catering company in Mallorca, we adapt our menus to the season and the preferences of our clients. Our Mediterranean cuisine, which is renowned in Mallorca, will ensure that your wedding leaves an unforgettable impression on your guests.




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