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The wedding trend on banquets for 2022 goes through local and eco-friendly products and elaborations, signature cocktails, individual portions, imperial tables and many more exciting alternatives.

Love cannot be stopped, and neither can weddings, and little by little, they are recovering their rhythm. However, in recent months, they have “changed”, experts point out, indicating that wedding celebrations are saying “goodbye to stricter protocols” and coining a new, more relaxed protocol, as a new “modern etiquette”.

As indicated by The Knot Worlwide, which has made a report taking data from different studies, to draw the new profile of weddings in 2022: “Couples want to celebrate their love in a big way, have an epic but less formal party.”

Thus, we can say that wedding celebration are reactivated, but in a different way. Here we leave you some proposals to create your dream wedding with the latest trends…


The table options that we will see more will be long and rectangular tables with rustic and elegant touches.

The decorations can be of all kinds, but above all rustic, in patios and gardens, outdoors, with a chic touch, surrounded by vineyards, with wooden benches or chairs, bohemian and vegetable centrepieces, coloured glass cups, candles, garlands of lights in the form of starry skies, rattan or wicker furniture and lamps, and linen, hemp or cotton textile elements.

We are looking forward to seeing the compositions of retro and vintage style tables, full of warmth, nature and a lot of romanticism.


At Tast Out we know very well that canapés and ‘montaditos’ are always your favourite choice; we can also give free rein to creativity and present authentic delicatessen for your wedding banquet.

We specialise in serving quality food in individual portions: crab canapés, individual seafood spoons, robata skewers, mini rice casseroles, squid tempura cone, tartar and toast preparations…

Everything you can imagine of to have an original welcome aperitive.


Stations or food corners are increasingly present at events, they are informal, fun and we can prepare many options for them.

The stations provide dynamism to the wedding by opening the circles of the relationship between guests.

The important thing is that it’s attractive, and allows you to vary and offer good cuisine to everyone’s taste.


Trying to find gastronomic options with an eco-friendly essence, local and with local food, from kilometre 0 and with vegetarian, vegan and alternative options for all kinds of intolerances, are other ‘must’.

We have already had several experiences in which couples have shown greater awareness of caring for the environment as they walk down the aisle.


One of the bigger trends that have emerged alludes to a much more informal type of food and fosters a more relaxed atmosphere.

It is a fresh and innovative trend that will allow you to be creative with the wedding menu – savoury tarts, barbecues, hamburgers, pizzas, mini toasts, eggs, fruit juices, doughnuts, waffles, crepes… – and offer the guest an informal ambience.

An option that will also be ideal if you plan to extend the wedding or set up a different event with friends or colleagues who do not attend the official wedding. It is also highly demanded for the day after the wedding to remember the best moments of the previous night.


Signature cocktails are the perfect ally for appetisers and open bar hours, and having a team of good professionals ensures you avoid waiting.

At Tast Out we collaborate with the Arlequin Group, which guarantees incredible Instagram-able presentations.


The trend for 2022 for wedding evenings will focus on the aesthetics and appearance of the cake. The millennial generation is beginning to get married, and they are the ones who want to innovate in the wedding cake and, as in any other wedding choice, colours to taste.

You can give it two floors, three, four or eight. Seasonal fruits are an aspect that is always taken into account because it is common to use them in many types of wedding cakes. Edible flowers are a trend for decorating cakes because they generate the interest of guests and add a colourful and eye-catching aesthetic to any wedding cake – dotted around the base, cascading down, spread across the tiers, topping the top tier along to the cake topper and a long etcetera of possibilities.


Individual cakes or mini cakes of different flavours and textures are a trend that began a few years ago.

A proposal that will continue to be very present in 2022 and alternatives will be added, such as cupcakes, doughnuts, macarons, ice cream or churros, arranged in a unique bar or on a sweet table. They are also perfect for the dancing time.

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