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The catering service of the TAST group.

Tast Out is part of the Mallorcan restaurant group Tast, which has been offering surprising gastronomic experiences for over 30 years, not only in its restaurants but also anywhere, thanks to our catering services in Mallorca.

Our gastronomy

Our catering is guided by seasonality; that's why we rotate our menus with the changing seasons. We strive to use local products to the maximum extent and the most sustainable ingredients. In this vein, the proposals to customize the menus are based on already iconic dishes of Spanish gastronomy. Our catering menus in Mallorca open up the possibility of presenting new ways to approach gastronomy, making it more enjoyable, interpreting recipes from tradition.

Our values

We work with the finest products.

We are a catering service with a Mediterranean flavor. We meticulously select the raw materials we use to prepare dishes of the highest quality and flavor for our events.


We focus on the satisfaction ofour customers.

At Tast Out Events & Catering, we make a constant effort to provide our clients with a 100% satisfactory service that makes them feel at home, no matter where the event is held.


Maximum commitment to sustainability.

In our events in Mallorca and Ibiza, we not only ensure the well-being of our diners but also that of the planet. We are deeply committed to sustainable practices designed to minimize our impact on the environment.